About Us

Seed Balls and Dirt Bubbles' workshop with mural and pollinator garden on a sunny day

We are a small company in Central Pennsylvania, USA. We make all our own seed balls and dirt bubbles here in our workshop, with seeds and supplies from the best, most sustainable companies that we can find.

We're a wing of Seed-Balls.com. Seed-Balls.com was started in 2013, featuring predominantly US native wildflowers. We've found that seed balls are great for new gardeners, and also folks who struggle managing with tiny seeds. We started the Dirt Bubble product line specifically for new gardeners, with bright colored Dirt Bubbles, and even more vivid flowers. 

Everyone at our shop is dedicated to a greener planet, and wants more people growing more things! Give Dirt Bubbles a try, or get some for a gardening-curious friend. We'd love to be a part of every gardener's journey!

Read about our crew, here!