Our Mudslingers

Dr. Blake Ketchum, Founder. Blake loves the earth and loves gardening. With Dirt Bubbles, she hopes to get as many folks gardening as possible. MS Forestry, PhD Soil Science, decades of experience in natural resource conservation.

Will Zacker, Operations Manager and Not-so-Evil Overlord of our production facility. He's been with us since 2017 and is devoted to transforming industrial wastelands to native perennial wild-scapes.


Myla Dively, Logistics and Customer Service Manager. Myla has helped us keep organized and make on-time and accurate deliveries since 2017. She's knowledgable in all aspects of gardening, and is an expert at annuals and veggies. 

Tonye Albert, Production Expert. Tonye's made millions of seed balls since she started with us in 2017. Yep. She's also schooled in greenhouse management. So happy to have her be a part of our team!

Gaige Brumbaugh is our newest full-time Mudslinger. He's training in production, logistics, and brings with him a passion for nature and sustainable practices. He will brag about his tomatoes if you let him.

Taylor Mowry is our ambitious Logistics Assistant. She's currently a student in Claysburg, helping with picking and packing orders. We hope she sets her sights high for her future and always keeps a toe in the door at our shop!